Aquarius Protect
JP Name アクエリアスプロテクト
Dub Name Aquarius Protect
Aura Aqua
Type Defensive
Range Close-ranged
Attack Type Mizu Geijutsu
Power 52
Creator Tsubasa Hayate

Aquarius Protect (アクエリアスプロテクト) is a defense geijutsu created by Tsubasa Hayate.


This art was first created by Tsubasa during the fight against Kaen Ryoushu. It was used to protect him from the scorching flames spread out by the Ryoushu. It was partially successful, as it had defended him for fairly long. But eventually, the technique was broken, not by any Kaen Geijutsu, but from a physical, close-ranged attack from Kaen Ryoushu.


Traces of water (similar to the constellation sign of Aquarius) appear around Tsubasa, whilst he concentrates it to a location. The traces enlarge, and the water expands. After the allocation of the water he raises his hand up, allowing the water to move in its direction. The water moves up, forming a shield around Tsubasa, protecting him from damage from the front.


  • Aquarius is a large constellation, which resembles a water-carrier or a water-bearer, and is said to represent a man pouring water from a jar. The usage might be a pun on this "pouring of water".
  • Aquarius is also the eleventh zodiac, which might also be a pun, as Tsubasa learned this technique the eleventh time (in the battle against a Ryoushu) he tried it.