Arashi Ookami
JP Name 嵐狼
Dub Name Maximilian Storm
Age 18
Gender Male
Status Alive
Aura Aqua
Race Human
Rank Head Archer
Clan Taishita Hayate Kamon
Personal Information
Affiliations Tsubasa Hayate (head in-charge)
Family Unkown
Occupation N/A
Personal Interests None
Attack Type Mizu Geijutsu
Himitsu no Kougeki
The Tempest • Moumoku no Nami
Dark form: Kurai Yajirushi • Arashi no Ya

Arashi Ookami (嵐狼) is the Head Archer of Taishita Hayate Kamon.


Arashi had a calm personality. He was shown to be helpful and kind towards others. The negative aspect of his included his vicious envy towards Tsubasa, as he was more "inexperienced", yet selected as the Head Warrior. His calm personality made him to be known as Yajiroshu (矢印 lit. Arrow). His swiftness and agility added to the reasons for this name.


He was the son of a branch family to the main one. His father expected the most out of his abilities, as according to him, he was to "take over" the clan, one day or the other, in accordance to his plan. He rebelled this plan for a certain time, but ultimately, it failed, much to his anticipation. His retaliation was silenced by his father, and Arashi lost confidence in his techniques. It took him a while to cope up, along with the help of Haneoujo, who looked him as an idol.


Ookami excelled in archery, and had shown leadership qualities. Along his journey, he showed his observation skills, and mastery with his bow. He had also displayed various tactical skills.

Descriptive StrengthEdit

Attack 102 Defense 83 Technique 112 Weapon 130
Spirit 98 Aura 123 Luck 99 Overall 92.5%
Head Archer
Attack 122 Defense 111 Technique 133 Weapon 107
Spirit 123 Aura 149 Luck 116 Overall 95.9%