Blade Wing
JP Name ブレードウイング
Dub Name Feather Blades
Aura Light
Type Offensive
Range Close-ranged
Attack Type Teru Geijutsu
Power 34
Creator Tsubasa Hayate

Blade Wing (ブレードウイング) is an offense geijutsu, created by Tsubasa Hayate.


This geijutsu was created by Tsubasa during his childhood, when his aura was still Light. Discovery of this technique by Tsubasa at the age of 8 was surprising. Power of the technique was yet another factor for which Tsubasa was prized.


Tsubasa jumps up in the air, and whistles. Several feathers appear beside him, which shine and blind the opponent. He steps on the wings and concentrates his power to one point in the air. The wings slowly wrap him, and begin to shrink. As they shrink, they gain a lustrous appearance, and disappear on shrinking fully. At the point of disappearance, a white sphere of energy forms, and Tsubasa kicks it, appearing from nowhere. The powerful strike turns the white sphere into a a silver sword, which strucks the opponent.