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Fujisaki Zuiichi
JP Name 藤崎随一
Dub Name Jack
Age 42
Gender Male
Status Alive
Aura Aqua
Race Human
Rank Head Master
Clan Taishita Hayate Kamon
Personal Information
Affiliations None
Family Unknown
Occupation Head trainer in Taishita Hayate Kamon
Personal Interests None
Attack Type Mizu Geijutsu
Himitsu no Kougeki
Water Blade • Kanzen Nami • Dry Splash • Banri no Choujou • Hakai no Honoo • Suirou no Kyuu
" Regardless of the countless skills that you put forth, the only thing which matters is who you are from the bottom of your heart. "
Fujisaki Zuiichi

Fujisaki Zuiichi (藤崎随一) was a former head warrior of Taishite Hayate Kamon, and is currently a head master at the same place.


Zuiichi had always had a strict nature. He always discouraged pampering, as to him it was a sin, by which the child becomes unworthy of all the power that he must have had obtained. His rough behavior usually made people mistook him to be a strict teacher. Zuiichi also had a soft side, as seen when he was worried for Haneoujo. His emotions had never been revealed in front of a mere eye. Yet, when Haneoujo died in the fateful incident, he had lost his ability to resist and cried for the first time in front of anyone.


Fujisaki grew up as an orphan. This might be one of the reasons of his strict nature, as Tsubasa thought, he lacked parental love and turned to his hostile nature. But, according to his relevance, the reason for this "state" of him, was because of the tension created between whole of the Tenraku.


  • The kanji of Zuiichi (随一) in his given name, could be roughly translated to best or the greatest. This could reflect when the Mizu Ryoushu complimented Fujisaki on his unique techniques, how he was the greatest wielder of them.
  • He provided the fact that both his mother and father were killed in the same manner in that of his "beloved disciple".