Geijutsu (芸術 lit. Art) are special techniques which all characters have based off on their aura.


Geijutsu have existed since the Tenraku and its people did. According to Tsuchi Ryoushu, no soul or race shall truly ever master the sacred arts (referring to Ryoushu Geijutsu), or the individual arts, as mankind is not fully evolved to imitate the said. These words were proven contradictory, when Mizu Ryoushu fully mastered Mizu Ken to divination point. Chronologically, Geijutsu were used as a form of strength and yielded huge acknowledgements to the user. These techniques were sources to various tournaments in history, when ultimately, they were turned out for battling.


Geijutsu have been divided in the following two categories:

  • Before the proving of the existence of the auras, only Physical Geijutsu (フィジカル芸術) had existed. These involve the movement of successive body gestures to execute powerful volley of stringing attacks. Power of these geijutsu mainly depended upon:
    • The total strength of the user; that is, the presence of intellect and stability.
    • Number of gestures made in accordance with the geijutsu performed.
  • But since the discovery of the auras, Aura Geijutsu (オーラ芸術) or simply Geijutsu, took over the previous ones. These were more powerful and effective than the Physical ones. These involve various kinds of body movements that connect the aura of the user, to the strength of his mind. These are generally easier to execute and stronger in power.