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Haneoujo Hayate
JP Name 羽王女疾風
Dub Name Feather Dawson
Age 9 (at the time of death)
Gender Female
Status Dead
Aura Light
Race Human
Rank Ranged Archer
Clan Taishita Hayate Kamon
Personal Information
Affiliations None
Family Tsubasa Hayate (brother)
Occupation N/A
Personal Interests None
Attack Type Teru Geijutsu
Himitsu no Kougeki
White Feather • Destruction Arrows
" Let the royal feathers of light guide you to the truth. "
Haneoujo Hayate

Haneoujo Hayate (羽王女疾風) is the younger sister of Tsubasa Hayate.


Haneoujo had a very cheerful personality since childhood. This might be the reason that, like her brother, she was also chosen to obtain the Light aura. Her personality in the minor time she was shown was very much cheerful, as she got sad if any of her friends became even slightly depressed. Throughout, she was shown to be a motivational character influencing even those who were much older than her.


Being the youngest child of Taishita Hayate Kamon's chief, she was shown to have amazing skills. Her skills even matched with those of her brother, but yet, she considered herself to be inferior to him. In the White incident, she was murdered by the one of the assassins of Teru Ryoshu, as the lord's chief fortune-teller had made the prediction that the assassination of the lord would be done by the eldest child of the Taishita Hayate Kamon. Due to her extraordinary skills and behavior, the assassin had the impression that she was the eldest, and therefore, he killed her, in place of her brother, who was being talked about in the prediction. When the truth behind Haneoujo's death was revealed, Tsubasa started building pent-up anger against each Ryoshu. He was at the stage of betraying the Taishita Hayate Kamon, but was stopped by his mentor, Zuiichi. The death of Haneojou caused great imbalance in the clan, making it vulnerable to any upcoming attack by any other clan. The Honoo Ryuu Kamon had their opportunity, and hence, they made the secret attack. But, for an unknown reason, they were not successful in even infiltrating the clan's hideout. Rumors ran that it was the spirit of Haneoujo had saved her, but this still left unsolved.

Fighting SkillsEdit

Haneoujo was an extremely strong warrior, who excelled in archery. Her skills started to develop when she was just 5. Even at the age of 7, her fighting experience was more than any of the previous warriors of most age. Her strength mainly depended upon the strength of those around her, or so as Zuiichi observed. He observed that her main strength relied upon others.

Descriptive StrengthEdit

Childhood (before death)
Attack 104 Defense 132 Technique 115 Weapon 169
Spirit 111 Aura 131 Luck 100 Overall 96.4%



  • The kanji of her first name, Haneoujo (羽王女) can be translated to feather princess, while her family name Hayate (疾風) can be translated to gale.
    • Her quote (like her brother) might be based upon her first name: "Let the royal feathers of light guide you to the truth."
  • The word "light" in her quote might be based upon her aura.
  • Despite being the youngest warrior in Taishita Hayate Kamon, her skills excelled even that of the skilled ones.