Iyahi Slash
JP Name 癒しスラッシュ
Dub Name Healing Waves
Aura Aqua
Type Heal
Range Close-ranged
Long ranged
Attack Type Mizu Geijutsu
Power 40 Heal
Creator Mizu Ryoushu (unofficial)
Tsubasa Hayate

Iyashi Slash (癒しスラッシュ) is a heal geijutsu unofficially created by Mizu Ryoushu, and then officially by Tsubasa Hayate.



This geijutsu was accidentally created by Mizu Ryoushu, to heal a fellow being during his childhood. Even though, no certain water effect was seen, this technique had worked as the being was cured. None recognized the existence of this technique, and so it was not officially pronounced as one.

Some time after Tsubasa had mastered Mizuha, during a battle with a fellow clan member, he created this technique, officially. As the clan member got injured severely, he used this technique to heal him.


Mizu Ryoushu (Close-ranged)Edit

Mizu puts his palm on the chest of the one who is to be healed. Forceful waves carry out from his hand towards the person. He then delivers the "final blow" by thrusting his second palm upon the first. The force of both the palms struck out the "pain" from the person.

Tsubasa Hayate (Long ranged)Edit

Tsubasa focuses all of his energy into his palms. He claps and opens his hands, while water begins to appear before him. He then raises his hand, as the water follows to his palm. With successive movements, he directs his palm to the person who is to be healed. With the direction, the water touches the person and the area where the water touches him, illuminates. As the water begins to disappear, the person gets healed.