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Welcome to the Kogane no Ken Wiki! This wiki is solely created for the purpose of RP (role-play), which clearly means that this wiki is not based on actual events that have happened in reality, or any other entertainment perspective in regard. Creations regarding such incidents may too occur, but they have no relation, directly or indirectly, with that of the real life.
As a wiki built from scratch, this wiki is not complete regarding the information that should have been displayed in it. Therefore, we ask you to please bear with us, until this wiki progresses.

Kogane no Ken

Kogane no Ken (黄金の拳 lit. The Golden Fist) is an RP series, created by Fubuki風吹. It is set in an unknown land, Tenraku, which gets divided into 5 major landforms (Hikari, Yami, Mizu, Kasai and Oudo) after the discovery of existence of spiritual elements inside each being, known as aura. Mastering the auras within limits, the five Ryoushu ruled each of the landforms. Soon enough, the thirst of rank ran between all clans. Each clashed with the other, to prove its power. Yet, the Kuro Washi Kamon led by Kage Ryoushu did not participated in these fights. His aim was to take over Tenraku, as a part of the plan laid by the Demon Lord. But Kage Ryoushu was not the only pawn of Demon Lord. Teru Ryoushu, the ruler of Hikari, had also been controlled by the Demon Lord. Not long after, had two warriors taken birth in Taishita Hayate Kamon. As descendants of the Hayate clan, they were unwary of the power both of them possessed. One of them was destined to destroy Teru Ryoushu. Fearing his death in the near future, Teru Ryoushu got one of them killed. But the one predicted to be the slayer was still alive. This "mistake" of his, had given birth to huge anger inside the left descendant. This "left" one's main objective was to destroy Teru Ryoushu, as he was destined to. Will this destined child, be able to destroy Teru Ryoushu, and reunite Tenraku? Will his objective be ever completed?

Main Characters Ryoushu
Tsubasa Hayate Haneoujo Hayate Fujisaki Zuiichi Teru Ryoushu Kage Ryoushu Mizu Ryoushu Kaen Ryoushu Tsuchi Ryoushu
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