This page shall contain the various news revolving around the wiki. A complete list of them could be found here.

August - 2013Edit

News for the month of August

  • The wiki hits the tenth article!

The wiki has now obtained 20 articles. Nearer to the target (25 articles), the wiki hopes for more pertaining articles.

  • Useful information updated!

Useful information has been finally put up in articles. Although partial, articles are now properly categorized, and are more of readable. Articles will be soon by completed too.

  • The News page gains creation!

The wiki news page (this) has been created in order to arrange the various news and events in the wiki.

  • The wiki gets its first user

The user Yatalu has officially joined this wiki. Her first edit was with the Layout page, to correct a mistake with it. We hope that the Kogane no Ken wiki attracts more users as such.

  • The wiki hits the tenth article!
    The tenth article in the wiki, Mizuha (geijutsu) has been created. We hope further progress of the wiki in the near future.

  • The fifth article!
    After a long while, the wiki reaches five articles. We have high expectations for the wiki, and hope it will progress its way out, and attract users.

  • The first article!
    The first article has been created in the wiki - Tsubasa Hayate. This wiki yet needs more articles, some of which must be created.

  • The wiki has been founded!
    The Kogane no Ken wiki has been officially created. It was made as an RP (role-play) wiki by Fubuki風吹. Articles need creation, and so does the general wiki templates.

September - 2013Edit

News for the month of September

  • The wiki gains some new effects!
    The wiki discards the green layout, and compensates the new work by adding a few more features along with changing the layout to black and white.

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