Mizu Ken
JP Name 水拳
Dub Name Water Soul
Aura Aqua
Type Offensive
Range Long ranged
Attack Type Mizu Geijutsu
Power 70
Creator Mizu Ryoushu

Mizu Ken (水拳 lit. Water Fist) is an offense geijutsu created by Mizu Ryoushu.



Similar to the other Ryoushu Geijutsu, this technique was one of the most powerful geijustsu of Mizu Ryoushu. It was originally created by him to master the aura, but it was one of the strongest Mizu Geijutsu. It had never been used in a real battle by Mizu Ryoushu, it was used only during practice. Yet, it still caused destruction on a major scale. It was never used again by Mizu Ryoushu.

Seeking power and knowledge, when Tsubasa stumbled upon Mizu Ryoushu's hideout castle, he was asked for his reason to be there, by the Ryoushu. It was a clear motive: to become the most powerful aqua warrior in Tenraku, to defeat Teru Ryoushu. After spending some nifty amount thinking, Mizu Ryoushu agreed to train Tsubasa. It was then, that he taught him this art. Tsubasa finally managed to master this technique in the final battle against Teru Ryoushu.


Mizu first waves his right hand, and thrusts his left palm backwards, charging a blue aura. The hand which was being waved, stops linear to the palm and begins to charge the same aura too. Mizu then closes his fist forcefully, and thrusts the fist forward. A gigantic fist, of the same aura proceeds and strikes the opponent.