JP Name 水羽
Dub Name Aqua Wings
Aura Aqua
Type Offensive
Range Close-ranged
Attack Type Mizu Geijutsu
Power 42
Creator Tsubasa Hayate

Mizuha (水羽 lit. Water Wings) is an offense geijutsu created by Tsubasa Hayate.


It was the first technique Tsubasa developed after turning his aura to Aqua. It's usage resembled that of his first geijutsu, but it consisted of the new primary aura of Tsubasa, Aqua.


Tsubasa jumps and feathers appear around him. As he descends, the feathers illuminate, blinding the opponent. When he finally steps on the ground, the feathers turn into water, and it settles around him. He then twists and waves his hand, concentrating the water to a single point. Then, he pulls his palm backwards, charging a certain type of energy in it. As the water finally gets contracted to a point, the user thrusts his palm forward, and into the concentration. As the water rushes out, wings form from it, and strike the opponent. The water-wings touch the opponent and they wrap him/her.