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Ryoushu (領主) or commonly known as a Lord is a being that has crossed his human limitations to reach the ultimate divination, generally through the use of spirit strength or aura. Mastery of aura is one way to reach such state, but it is not very often that these "masters" transform into Ryoushu.


Ryoushu yield supernatural powers, beyond the expectation of imagination. They are filled with immense power, and as an ancient scroll stated, are imperishable source of energy. The initial power of a Ryouhsu solely defeats that of the other ranks. Gradually, the power of a Ryoushu increases several folds with time. A Ryoushu had once been called as an invincible being, but this fact was proven to be contradictory, as the first Ryoushu had eventually died. The age of a Ryoushu had never been disclosed in any means. The reason for this disclosure is unknown.


Ryoushu have existed since Tenraku did. According to mythical histories, the "true" discoverer of aura was the first Ryoushu. But, due to his lack of information on the auras, he was not able to prove himself. Yet, he had mastered powers, and achieved divine powers. But he had still lacked recognition, and therefore was the first and the only unrecognized Ryoushu. However, after the five current Ryoushu established the existence of auras with subsidiary proofs, his power was acknowledged, long after the death of his.

Through endless hours of study, the current five Ryoushu established the existence of auras, and hence, were titled as rulers of the five major dividend landforms. Being "masters" of auras, the five Ryoushu had been acknowledged as "supernatural beings", and were crowned. The current Ryoushu are as follows:

Each Ryoushu masters one type of attack (with the exception of Tsuchi Ryoushu, who excelled in each for form, but feared to reveal all of them). Ryoushu depend on these strength of theirs for the appropriate attack/defense.