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Teru Ryoushu
JP Name 光領主
Dub Name Shine
Age ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Aura Light
Race Ryoushu
Rank Ruler
Clan Kounotori Kamon
Personal Information
Affiliations Kage Ryoushu
Mizu Ryoushu
Kaen Ryoushu
Tsuchi Ryoushu
Family None
Occupation None
Personal Interests None
Attack Type Teru Geijutsu
Himitsu no Kougeki
Shoumei no Tori • Each Light aura geijutsu

Teru Ryoushu (光領主) is the ruler of Hikari and the first and the most powerful lord.


Teru Ryoushu had always had a cheerful personality. He was seen calm and kind in his childhood. However, due to a certain change of events, he lost his trust on people. He gradually developed an alternate personality of his, which was far more crueler than him. This personality was only seen against his decisive battle with Tsubasa Hayate. He was also shown to be caring towards fellow aura-mates, as when the crystal ball told him that he will be killed by a Hayate descendant, and he had to get one of them killed, he declined, but the alternate personality of his, had made him change his decision. Ultimately, he mistook the descendant, and got Haneoujo killed.


Along with the other 4 lords, he grew up as an orphan. Throughout his childhood he tended to display amazing physical techniques to his head masters. His power during his childhood, made the other mates of him, jealous. This jealousy had led to him thinking to be the superior of all the other ryoushu. His amazing tactical strength had led him to be a better leader, than anyone else in the group.

Aura DiscoveryEdit

Through endless hours of study of the mythical scrolls, Teru Ryoushu finally proved the existence of the Light aura. As he was the one who discovered this existence, no soul could know more about this aura, than him himself. He excelled in wielding this aura's strength, and was crowned as the king of Hikari.


Teru had amazing tactical skills. His physical performance during his childhood was better than any other being in the whole of Tenraku. His aura strength was beyond anyone's imagination. He excelled in physical as well as spiritual strength. Tsuchi Ryoushu had once stated that he was the perfect lord, to be called as the head of the group.

Descriptive StrengthEdit

Attack 175 Defense 192 Technique 155 Weapon 219
Spirit 0 Aura 0 Luck 123 Overall 91.7%

Attack 242 Defense 191 Technique 213 Weapon 327
Spirit 443 Aura 449 Luck 206 Overall 99.3%