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Tsubasa Hayate
JP Name 翼疾風
Dub Name Gale Dawson
Age 17
Gender Male
Status Alive
Aura Aqua
Race Human
Rank Head Warrior
Clan Taishita Hayate Kamon
Personal Information
Affiliations None
Family Haneoujo Hayate (sister)
Occupation N/A
Personal Interests None
Attack Type Mizu Geijutsu
Himitsu no Kougeki
Blade WingMizuhaIyashi SlashAquarius ProtectMizu Ken
" Feel the wrath of the gale winds of the tempest. "
Tsubasa Hayate

Tsubasa Hayate (翼疾風) is a head warrior of Taishita Hayate Kamon.


Being the son of the chief of Taishita Hayate Kamon, Tsubasa had developed a calm and kind personality towards most people. Seldom he was seen to be expressing his anger, when he turned hostile towards The Honoo Ryuu Kamon during the Dai ni Taisen. His abilities had a far-reaching effect on his personality, as observed by his mentor, Fujisaki Zuiichi.


Being born to the loyal Taishita Hayate Kamon's head, Tsubasa had a light background. His cheerful personality, and his father's wish made him obtain the Light aura by Kettei no Shiyakusho. Due to the fateful incident with his sister, Haneouja, his aura had to be forcibly changed to Aqua, something which happened did not frequently happened. The incident had shaken Tsubasa, and his cheerful personality changed to calm. An anguished self of Tsubasa had been hidden all along his life span. This "anguish" was never seen during his childhood. However, this hatred was released in the final battle against Kaen Ryoushu.


Throughout, Tsubasa has been shown to be an extraordinary warrior. Gaining the rank of a master at the mere age of 9, he displayed to the existing head masters of the training academy that skills are the decisive factor, not the age. Developing techniques like Mizuha and Aquarius Protect just after his aura was changed to Aqua, he became the first master to have created two different techniques in the time span of 3 weeks.

Descriptive StrengthEdit

Attack 95 Defense 92 Technique 105 Weapon 79
Spirit 68 Aura 83 Luck 62 Overall 89.4%
Head Warrior
Attack 112 Defense 101 Technique 123 Weapon 97
Spirit 113 Aura 139 Luck 106 Overall 93.9%



  • Tsubasa (翼) can be directly translated to wing, which might be based upon his geijutsu, Blade Wing, while Hayate (疾風) could be translated into gale or roughly, tempest.
    • His personal quote might be based upon his name: "Feel the wrath of the gale winds of the tempest."
  • His personal interest was never shown, yet, he once described that he liked Archery, primarily because of his sister.
  • He is the only character to ever have undergone an aura-change process.