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Tsuchi Ryoushu
JP Name 土領主
Dub Name Terra
Age ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Aura Gaia
Race Ryoushu
Rank Ruler
Clan Dojou no Senshi Kamon
Personal Information
Affiliations Teru Ryoushu
Kage Ryoushu
Mizu Ryoushu
Kaen Ryoushu
Family None
Occupation None
Personal Interests None
Attack Type Tsuchi Geijutsu
Himitsu no Kougeki
Tsuchi Kougeki • Chikyuu no Yami • Elemental Block • Each Gaia aura geijutsu

Tsuchi Ryoushu (土領主) is the ruler of Oudo and the last lord.


Tsuchi Ryoushu was the eldest of all and therefore, was the wisest. He had a clam and quit nature. Yet he was the strongest lord, but he never showed his true strength to the others. He was shown to be envious towards Teru Ryoushu, but it seemed rather that he felt sorry for him. He hid this envy and had always, complemented his mate. He was placed as the fifth lord, but he gladly accepted this position.


Along with the other 4 lords, he grew up as an orphan. Throughout his childhood he displayed all type of techniques. He excelled in every skill, but he hid all of them, as he feared what others might think if he reveals his "perfect" nature. He only showed the observation side of his, which made him the finest tactician of the group.

Aura DiscoveryEdit

Through endless hours of study of the mythical scrolls, Tsuchi Ryoushu finally proved the existence of the Gaia aura. As he was the one who discovered this existence, no soul could know more about this aura, than him himself. He excelled in wielding this aura's strength, and was crowned as the king of Oudo.


Tsuchi had mastered each type of skill. He excelled in offense, defense, and every type of range. He had observation and conclusive skills, which made him the strongest warrior of the group. But he declined in himself to be the head.

Descriptive StrengthEdit

Attack 180 Defense 197 Technique 160 Weapon 224
Spirit 0 Aura 0 Luck 128 Overall 92.2%

Attack 247 Defense 196 Technique 218 Weapon 332
Spirit 448 Aura 454 Luck 211 Overall 99.8%