White Feather
JP Name ホワイトフェザー
Dub Name White Feather
Aura Light
Type Defensive
Range Long ranged
Attack Type Teru Geijutsu
Power 48
Creator Haneoujo Hayate

White Feather (ホワイトフェザー) is a defense geijutsu created by Haneoujo Hayate.



This geijutsu was created, when Haneoujo was sparring with her sole brother, Tsubasa. As Tsubasa had turned offensive and used his geijutsu, Blade Wing, Haneoujo made the counter-defense with this technique. As the power of White Feather was greater than that of Blade Wing, it's effect was boosted, and the offensive technique was stopped.


Haneoujo HayateEdit

Haneoujo charges a certain type of energy in her hands. She opens them, and a wave of light appears around her. She focuses the energy to one point near her surroundings, and thrusts her palm in that point's direction. A white feather appears from that point, protecting Haneoujo.

Fujisaki ZuiichiEdit

Zuiichi's method of performing this technique is exactly the same. But the only difference is that the color of the aura that appear around him is less denser, than that of the one as seen during Haneoujo's.